the science behind your smile

The future of Australian smiles is all about biology + technology

that’s why we’re smilogy

transforming australian smiles

We transform smiles so you can show yours off with confidence.

We transform Australian smiles so you can show yours off with confidence. Our sleek smile clinics and top smile tech will change the way you think about dental forever.

Why smilogy? We’re Australian made, with over 80 years in the industry. Choose from a variety of affordable services – we straighten, protect, whiten, design, rebuild, and care for your smile.

smilogy is synonymous with both comfort and exceptional customer service. Chill out and relax from the moment you’re welcomed through the door.

This is dental with a difference. Sure, all of our dedicated Australian dentists, orthodontists and hygienists are fully accredited and qualified professionals. But their understanding goes deeper. They know that your smile is the key to your overall health, wellness and self-esteem.

At smilogy, we build relationships for life. We provide the best collaborative care for our customers throughout our journey together.

You’re in control. We give advice and education with integrity and honesty, but ultimately the final call is up to you.

Come and say hi! You’ll always be met with a smile at smilogy.

why us?

Just a few reasons why we’re the best in the business.

100% australian made

Local means we understand, we’re on-trend, and we offer fast delivery across the country.

collaborative care

We work with you to find a custom smile solution. You’re in control of your smile destiny!

we use top technology

There’s an art and a science to your smile, but the secret ingredient is our tech.

price match guaranteed

We’re affordable. Show us a genuine dental quote and we’ll beat it. (T’s & C’s apply).

fully accredited

Proudly meeting Australia’s National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

80 years of experience

Clinically trained pros, dedicated to their career and their craft.

sleek smilogy clinics

Fall in love with our warm and friendly atmosphere.

service with a smile

Making you smile makes us smile, too.

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discover extra services at smilogy.

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