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Clear aligners from $2,250*

First impressions count, and a confident smile makes an impact. Often referred to as “invisible braces”, clear aligners are a plastic, modern alternative to metal braces. They are transparent and slip over your teeth – gradually moving them to achieve a straighter smile.

make great impressions, literally

Our Australian made clear aligners are custom-fit to your teeth after a quick, easy and accurate 3D smile scan – Unlike messy at home kits that don’t make a good impression. Over time, our clear aligners slowly move your teeth into a straighter position. More affordable than traditional braces, clear aligners offer a fresh, modern way to make your smile stand out!

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smilogy’s Australian orthodontists and dentists tailor a custom plan to straighten your teeth and monitor your progress online. With 100% Australian made aligners, rest assured that we’re close by & are with you at every step of your smile journey, optimising your experience and results!

Worn for around 20 hours a day, aligners are precision-cut for comfort. Unlike braces they are removable and after a few days, you’ll hardly notice them at all.

Treatment duration varies, your smile progress can take between 6-18 months and throughout the straightening process, you’ll have virtual check-ins to ensure your smile is on the right track.

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scan, plan, straighten your smile

Check out how we do things at smilogy, step-by-step.


Start your smile journey with a simple 3D scan at a convenient location near you.


Your smilogy straightening journey starts with a quick and easy 3D smile scan. Our scans help our Australian orthodontists and dentists to figure out whether this treatment will work for you.
In this one-off visit, our friendly team will introduce you to a new smile experience.


Our Australian orthodontists and dentists create a custom confidence plan for you.


All of our plans are customised and involve our experts designing a brand new smile for you.
We share a preview of your transformed smile, to help you visualise what you’re going to look like. If you’re happy, that’s when we create your clear aligners.
The amount of aligners you get will depend on how long your treatment will take. Each set of aligners move the position of your teeth slowly. After a week or two, you’ll switch to the next set. Every time you change, you’ll be closer to the finished result!


Your life-changing aligners arrive in the post. It’s time to transform your smile!


In no time at all, you can start your smile adventure. We create your clear aligners, then ship them straight to your door. Sit back, relax, and wait for the postie!
Throughout the straightening process, you’ll have virtual check-ins with one of our Australian orthodontists or dentists. Alignment is so easy. Since your aligners have been custom-fit to your mouth, they’ll fit snugly but not too tight. You’ll wear them for 20+ hours per day, but you can take them out to eat.
Your job is to keep things nice and clean, with lots of brushing and flossing. You’ll also use “chewies”, to help chew them into place. Other than that, the aligners do the hard work. They slowly move your teeth, but in a matter of weeks you’ll start to notice a big difference. Get ready to look and feel great!

benefits of clear aligners

So by now, you’ll have figured out that clear aligners = a straighter smile.

But do you know about the other amazing benefits?

taking care of your clear aligners

You’ll be wearing your aligners for the majority of your day, so it’s important to care for them for your health and comfort. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to home care.



have questions?

Explore our clear aligner FAQs

Want to ask us something? – Too easy.
Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

We love to put smiles on as many faces as possible, but we are always honest. Your initial scan helps us identify ideal candidates for clear aligners. They may not be right for everyone, but if that’s the case, we’d love to discuss your other options.

Our process is simple. We scan, plan, and straighten your smile. Over time, clear aligners slowly move your teeth into a straighter position.

You’ll love clear aligners because they typically work much faster at transforming your smile than traditional braces. On average, you can expect your treatment to last 6-18 months. However, everyone is different, so treatment times vary. Your expert Australian orthodontist or dentist will discuss this with you during the planning stage.

Custom made aligners start at $1,600 & vary in price depending on your individual needs. See our pricing section below for more information.

As our customer, you’re our number one priority. We don’t waste your time or your money – we avoid expensive visits to our smilogy clinics after your initial scan. In fact, our aligners are shipped straight to you!

Of course! But thankfully, the smilogy experience is nothing like visiting a normal dentist. Your time is precious, so our scanning clinics are set up to be super convenient – you’ll likely only have to visit us once. After that, you’ll speak to our Australian orthodontists and dentists online.

We’re nothing like your old dentist. Naturally, you can speak directly with your Australian dentist or orthodontist from home. All of our straight smile success stories are achieved remotely. After all, it’s 2021. .Just take a photo so we can check your progress every 1-2 weeks, to see if you’re ready to move to your next aligner set.

So easy! We send them out, and you pop them in. Since they’ve been designed especially to fit your mouth, they’ll fit like a glove. They may feel a little snug at first, but as your teeth start to move, they’ll get more comfortable. After a week or two, you’ll change to a new set of aligners and repeat that process until your smile is exactly the way you want it.

For the very best results, you should wear them for 20 hours or more daily. Luckily, you’ll forget they’re there in no time.

Yes – it’s called beauty sleep for a reason! It’s recommended that aligners are worn for 20 hours or more every day.

If you love to treat yourself to coffee, red wine or lollies, you’re in luck. You can enjoy all of your favourite food and drink. When eating, simply take your aligners out. As for drinking, use common sense. Remove aligners if you think whatever you’re having is likely to stain.

Braces poke and prod, but you’ll have none of that with our clear aligners. At the end of the day, you are still moving your teeth in order to achieve the perfect smile transformation. No pain, no gain – but only minimal discomfort can be expected.

Clear aligners are removable, so cleaning them is easy. Take them out to brush and floss as normal, setting the aligners aside. Gently wash the aligners with soap and water, or soak them in vinegar or baking soda. Never put aligners in the dishwasher – they’ll melt!

Using clear aligners as directed is the best way to achieve your dream smile. Once you start wearing them, you’ll settle into a routine (but if you slip up, we won’t shout).

Yes. In order to keep your smile straighter forever, we will provide a retainer.

We make it easy! To speak to one of our friendly team members or book in a scan, please call 1300 757 021 or get in touch now.

here's what's included

At smilogy, we are all about your smile experience. This is what you can expect to receive as part of our service.

pricing that works for you

Our simple pricing structure for smilogy clear aligners is easy to understand and even easier to afford.

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8 reasons why we're different

At smilogy, we are all about your smile experience. This is what you can expect to receive as part of our service.

made in aus

Our aligners are 100% Australian made = fast delivery and replacements.

clean & simple

Messy and inaccurate at-home impression kits aren’t for us

100% accurate

Our scans take a perfect impression of your smile.

trusted experts

Experienced Australian orthodontists and dentists

remote monitoring

Get in touch with us online anytime, anywhere (or pop in to see us).

subtle & effective

Our clear aligners are super subtle and can barely be seen.


without cutting corners.


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