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At smilogy, we want to put smiles on as many faces as possible.

smile now, pay later

With us, you may be eligible for FREE dental care* or you have the chance to pay for any of our services in installments. Check out our trusted buy now, pay later solutions below.

You’ve probably used this one before! Afterpay has no minimum spend, so it’s great for smaller services or to pay off a remaining balance.

It’s so easy and it’s interest free – simply pay a quarter of your outstanding balance every two weeks.

Afterpay is an external company so they determine your eligibility. Customers are subject to the terms on the Afterpay website, and you can apply online.

These guys offer not one, but two, payment options. Zip is a super reputable company that allows for flexible terms and a range of credit limits.

Zip Pay breaks things down into manageable monthly payments of $40 or more. You’ll be offered a credit limit between $350-1000.

Zip Money is ideal for treatments above $1000, like clear aligners or smile makeovers. There’s a setup fee, but you may qualify for an interest-free period of up to 24 months!

As an external company, they decide whether you’re eligible or not. Customers are subject to the terms on the Zip website, and you can apply online.

*FREE dental care up to $1,013 available through government funded dental cover under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule for teens & kids only. If this is not applicable or you are not eligible, we also accept private health cover.

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