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Smile Makeover in Castle Hill & Edgecliff

smile makeover packages from $5,850*

Preview your future smile with our smile design technology – at smilogy we offer a variety of solutions that ultimately restore confidence back in your smile.
See how veneers, clear aligners, crowns and whitening can help you.

be in-charge of your future smile

Our Australian made clear aligners are custom-fit to your teeth after a quick, easy and accurate 3D smile scan – Unlike messy at home kits that don’t make a good impression. Over time, our clear aligners slowly move your teeth into a straighter position. More affordable than traditional braces, clear aligners offer a fresh, modern way to make your smile stand out!

Book your smile scan at a convenient location near you.

a full-face approach

We’re here to put a smile back on your face – literally – with veneers, aligners, whitening treatments and more.

Smile design technology examines the relationship between your smile and other parts of the face, including cheeks, eyes and lips.

You get to see how your smile will look when talking, and even laughing, helping you design a smile that matches your personality.

about smile makeover

scan, plan, straighten your smile

Check out how we do things at smilogy, step-by-step.


Start your journey with a simple 3D scan and photos at a convenient location.


Your smile adventure starts with a quick, easy and accurate 3D digital scan. Our scans help our Australian orthodontists and dentists to get a full overview of what they’re working with.

We also take photos of your smile so that we can mock up a great before and after.

Simply pop into your nearest scan location to meet our friendly team and get started. We can’t wait to see you soon!


Our Australian team creates a digital sneak preview & customises your dream smile.


Here’s where you come in. Our custom plans involve our Australian orthodontists and dentists analysing your scan, then working alongside you as codesigner.

This experience is totally unique to you. We know that some people prefer subtle improvements, while others want a total smile transformation. You can opt for veneers, crowns, clear aligners, whitening or a unique combination of any or all.

We show you a preview of what you’re going to look like before you commit, so you know what to expect. Customers love this part – it’s your chance to glimpse into the future. You can make any last-minute changes, because the choice is entirely yours!


Design your new smile & get veneers, straighten, whiten, or recreate entirely – it’s up to you.


It’s time to get to work! No matter which treatment plan you’ve opted for, here’s where the designing comes in.

The stages will depend on your tailored treatment plan, so get ready to get started.

benefits of a smile makeover

Prepare to never stop showing the dream smile you’ve always wanted. Check out all the benefits of planning your future smile with smile design technology.

have questions?

Explore our smile makeover FAQs

Before you start there are a few things you should know first. Have a read of our most frequently asked questions to get the answers you’re looking for.

To give you a smile makeover, we use top-of-the-range technology to allow you to test drive your new smile before you even get started. We scan, plan and design your smile using veneers or any combination of veneers, crowns, clear aligners and whitening – the choice is entirely yours.

We love smile makeovers because the technology we use offers a modern, customer-centric approach to smile transformations.

Yes! Since a smile makeover is all about finding the right smile for you as an individual, we’ll be able to find a design that works for you. Throughout the process, you’re in control and you’ll even have a chance to see a preview of your new smile before you commit.

We’ll be totally honest with you. If we do your scan and think you’re unsuitable for certain elements of treatment, we will let you know. We’re all about balance!

Our Australian dentists and orthodontists work alongside you every step of the way. The initial scans that you have will help us to design your treatment plan. Our technology allows us to show you a preview of what you will look like with a range of different treatment options, so you’ll know in advance what will suit you.

Our team is made up of Australian dentists and orthodontists. However, we count you as a co-designer throughout the entire process.

To begin your smile makeover treatment, pop in for a 3D scan at a convenient location near you. They use top technology to ensure they’re 100% accurate.

Clear aligners help to straighten your smile. You may hear them described as “invisible braces” – they get the job done, but in a way that’s less obvious and more fun.

Veneers change the appearance of your teeth in a way that suits you best. They are thin shells or coverings made from porcelain or composite materials. We place them over your teeth, and since they’re made to match, they’re subtle.

As part of the smile makeover process, we will determine whether you are eligible and whether or not you’ll need other treatment such as straightening as well.

If you have good oral hygiene and an ability to keep this up, you may be suitable to get veneers. People get them for a number of reasons, such as fixing discoloured, broken or uneven teeth.

If you’re not suitable for veneers, you may still be suitable for crowns. We can talk to you about this as part of the smile makeover process.

Some of our customers do experience pain. You may experience bonding sensitivity, which is a reaction between your teeth and the bonding cement. This can be painful after your local anaesthetic wears off, but usually goes away with some over-the-counter painkillers.

The healing process can also be a bit of a challenge on your gums, especially if you grind or clench them. After about a month, the discomfort tends to completely go away.

It depends on the type you get and how well you look after them. You can typically expect porcelain veneers to last 10-15 years and composite ones to last 5-7.

Dental crowns completely cover your existing tooth, making them a better option for you if you have teeth that are decayed or broken. They make your teeth look stronger and cover up the things you don’t like about them!

As you might expect, the best way to take care of veneers and crowns is to practice good dental hygiene. This means brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, and coming in to see us for regular dental check-ups.

While our veneers and crowns are of the highest quality available, you should avoid hard foods and foods which will stain them. It’s best to limit alcohol and use alcohol-free products such as mouthwash, because alcohol can soften the cement we bond them with.

We’ll let you know whether you’re eligible as part of your smile makeover. Click here for more information about teeth whitening.

Young people under the age of 18 may be eligible for clear aligners, however, we do not currently offer whitening services or veneers to children and teens.

We would love to help you straighten your smile, so please take a look at our teens section.

We make it easy! To speak to one of our friendly team members or book in a scan, please call 1300 757 021 or get in touch now.

pricing that works for you

Our simple pricing structure for smilogy smile makeover is easy to understand and even easier to afford.

a new look

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total transformation

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10 reasons why we're different

made in aus

Our aligners are 100% Australian made = fast delivery and replacements.

clean & simple

Messy and inaccurate at-home impression kits aren’t for us

100% accurate

Our scans take a perfect impression of your smile.

trusted experts

Experienced Australian orthodontists and dentists

online monitoring

Get in touch with us online anytime, anywhere (or pop in to see us).

subtle & effective

Our treatment options are super subtle (if that’s what you want).


without cutting corners.


We scan in your local shopping centre.

you’re a co-designer

Part of the process every step of the way.

no guesswork

Test drive your smile with a digital sneak preview before treatment.

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