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They may not always show it, but teens love smiling! At smilogy, we shape smiles for the future and get them set in good routines for hygiene and health.

Did you know? Teens aged 13-17 could be eligible to receive FREE basic dental up to $1,013 under the government funded Child Dental Benefit Schedule!

we check their wellness & development

At this age, teens are starting to navigate the world independently for the first time. We see teens across the spectrum – some who brush their teeth obsessively, and some who barely bother at all.

When you throw in junk food, piercings and contact sports into the mix, the teenage years aren’t always the kindest on their mouths. We check everything’s going smoothly, offer recommendations and even make referrals for smile straightening solutions like clear aligners.

our expert australian dentists put teens at ease

Their main focus is on being thorough, while keeping things pain-free. We know comfort matters to our teen customers. They can charge their phones in the waiting room, and watch Netflix or YouTube during their appointment.

If your teen has any special needs such as anxiety, autism or ADHD, simply tell us when you book. We’ll go the extra mile, without making a big fuss.

We know today’s teens are busier than they’ve ever been. They’ll be in and out the door with us as quickly as possible (without ever feeling rushed).

child dental benefits schedule (cdbs)

Support Australian dentists and save on your teen’s dental costs. Check your eligibility below.

how does cdbs work?

Thanks to the government, you can claim up to $1,013 for each teenager over 2 consecutive calendar years if you are eligble.

Good news: pretty much everything your teen might need is included, except aligners.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule allows kids to see us as regularly as they need.

All of their routine check-ups and a good old squeaky clean. Other general dental services are also included if needed, such as:

Want to know more about this scheme? Visit Services Australia!

here are the rules

We don’t make them, but we have to follow them! Discover your eligibility in the box opposite, or click the “more info” tab for alternative options.

Your teen may qualify, providing that they’re:

Still not sure? Double check by calling Medicare on 13 20 11, visit CBDS Eligibility Checker, or call smilogy and we’ll check for you today!

not eligible? no worries!

Our teen services won’t break the bank – we’re very affordable!

If you can’t access the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, it’s all good.

we're experts in

Check out our most popular smile services for teens below.

check-ups & clean

Visit every 6-12 months to stay on top of any issues, and get a full clean included as well.

clear aligners

We straighten your smile with clear plastic aligners over 6-18 months.


Into sports? We protect your smile with our revolutionary custom-fit mouthguards.

emergency dentistry

Accidents happen. At smilogy we’re here to help, for your peace of mind.

info hub

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the lowdown on piercings & teen smiles

Oral piercings are nothing new. For years, teens and adults alike have used lips, tongue and cheek piercings as a form of self-expression. At smilogy, we love what makes you “you”. We know that piercings may be part of your

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