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smilogy’s Sydney dentists do all the hard work to discover any issues with your smile.

If you need any additional Dental Services to improve your smile health, don’t worry! We’ve got you.


damaged or decayed teeth?

You may need a filling. At smilogy, we use fillings to help you restore original shape and function to your teeth.

We close off the damaged area after a proper cleaning, to stop further decay being able to occur. Materials used vary, and can be porcelain or composite. If the filling goes into the centre of your tooth, it’s known as an inlay. On the other hand, an outlay is more extensive and can cover much more of the surface.


broken teeth?

A dental crown is a covering for your existing tooth, especially where you can’t remove its original material.

They are generally considered stronger and longer-lasting, because of the materials we use. Your smilogy Dentist in Sydney might recommend a crown to you in order to improve the way a decayed or broken tooth looks, to keep it stronger for longer. You may be given a temporary crown to help you avoid the embarrassment of broken teeth while we create your permanent one.


need a tooth removed?

Sometimes you might need a tooth taken out, for a number of reasons (including trauma). It may be too cracked, broken or decayed to save, or it could be infected or fractured at the root.

At smilogy, we sometimes remove teeth when you’re interested in clear aligners. For example, we may take out your wisdom teeth to give your smile more room to change. Our Australian dentists have so much experience in taking out teeth in a sterile environment, ensuring your safety while putting you at ease. We’ll discuss any necessary anaesthesia options with you, ensuring your comfort both during and after the procedure.


save an infected tooth

Root canal therapy is a tool we can use to save your tooth if it’s severely infected or inflamed. We try to do this as an alternative to tooth extraction, so that you can keep your natural tooth where possible.

People think this treatment is painful, but really that’s because of the underlying reasons it’s needed, and not the treatment itself. We take away inflamed or infected nerve tissue known as pulp. It’s so important to contact us straight away in these cases – we want to reduce your pain and try and save your tooth!


missing a tooth?

A dental bridge provides a permanent replacement.

We attach a bridge made of porcelain, zirconia or metal either side of the gap and fix it in place. Bridges are an alternative to dentures for some customers, providing the teeth either side of the bridge are healthy.


getting a clearer look

We don’t always take X-rays of your smile, but when we do, they help us get the bigger picture.

They give us the ability to capture the inside of your mouth in more detail, focusing on your teeth and gums. X-rays offer our smilogy dentists an alternative way to identify issues such as decay, cavities or impacted teeth.


emergency treatments

Sometimes, issues aren’t identified at a check-up, they happen because of trauma or other incidents.

You may need to see us last-minute for one of the above services, so we’ll try our best to give you the emergency care you deserve as quickly as you need.

book your check-up now

As part of your check-up with smilogy, we do a full smile examination to ensure we’re not missing any issues. If you need any of the above additional services, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know.

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