why choose smilogy mouthguards for adults?

Our mouthguards are fully customisable & the perfect fit!

Whether you’re on the football ground, in the ring or playing any other kind of sport, the last thing you want is an injury affecting your performance. Safety is everything – without it, you’ll never see success.

Athletes of all abilities use mouthguards when playing contact sports. No matter how talented you are or the level you play at, it never hurts to take precautions.

Avoid damage to your mouth, jaw or face which could prevent you from being able to play.

We know you want to protect your smile – it’s one of the first things others notice about you!

Did you know? “Boil and bite” mouthguards sold at your local pharmacy are not recommended by the Australian Dental Association (ADA). The at-home impression kits are messy, inaccurate and the finished products never fit properly. In fact, wearing these mouthguards could cause serious damage and even affect your breathing.

This simply isn’t good enough. You train so hard, and the last thing you want is to be out of action recovering from an injury. Our smilogy custom mouthguards fit like a glove and offer maximum impact protection.

Using our “scan, create and protect” method, our Australian made mouthguards are the ones you can trust.

Our top technology moulds the mouthguard to your smile. There’s no smile in the world quite like yours, so your mouthguard is just for you. As it fits so perfectly, you can breathe, speak and play to the best of your ability.

Parramatta Eels players use smilogy mouthguards exclusively. We’re approved to protect the NRL, so we’ll be able to protect you.

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fully customisable

Feel confident in your new mouthguard. Our mouthguards are fully customisable – so not only are they the perfect fit, they’re on-trend as well.

Choose a mouthguard to reflect your personality, in your favourite colours or the colours of your team or club.

Have a habit of forgetting things? Here’s some peace of mind for you! We can print your name and phone number inside the mouthguard so that if you ever leave it lying around, you’ll have a higher chance of having it returned.

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Dr Luke Cronin

Dr Luke Cronin

As a graduate of the University of Queensland (2000, 2013) and the University of Sydney (2006), Dr Cronin is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic dentists, specialising in creating stunning new smiles with cutting edge cosmetic dentistry techniques, including clear aligners, whitening and porcelain veneers.

Dr Cronin's work has been showcased in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle magazine and in 2019 he was awarded Australasian Dentist of the Year by My Face My Body in 2019.

Acknowledged an expert in his field for segments on the Today Show and House of Wellness, Dr Cronin now offers his first-class cosmetic treatments and customer care at smilogy.

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