what makes snoring worse?

Lots of people snore at some point or another, even those without a condition.

Snoring is a really common condition, and there are a number of reasons why people do it. To put it simply, it happens when parts of your throat vibrate while sleeping. Your muscles may over-relax, narrowing your airways and affecting breathing. This vibration makes a sound.

In many cases, snoring is a result of sleep apnea, which is a really dangerous condition. As you might imagine, when breathing gets affected long-term, it can have an impact on your overall health.

However, lots of people snore at some point or another, even those without a condition. There are plenty of things that make it worse (or even increase the risks for people who don’t normally do it – yes, even you).

Being overweight or obese can be a factor, since the added fat can add to the restriction in breathing by pressing against your throat and making it narrower.


When we drink, our muscles relax. This is true in our throats as well as elsewhere in our bodies, which leads to even more vibrations and a louder sound. Try and avoid drinking close to bedtime if you know you’re a snorer!

mouth breathing

Are you a mouth breather? Bad news – you’re probably more likely to snore. Snoring is typically caused by walls at the back of the throat vibrating, not those used when breathing through your nose.

If you have a blocked nose, you may breathe through your mouth temporarily. This obviously then increases your risk.

sleeping on your back

Positions make the difference when snoring is involved. When you sleep on your back, it makes your tongue fall back in a way that restricts airflow and increases the vibrations.


Bad news if you have hayfever or other allergies! Airflow is restricted in these cases, but taking a regular antihistamine as prescribed by your doctor could help.


Having a cheeky cigarette (or more) can really affect your breathing. Air struggles to get in and out, causing those pesky vibrations.


Like alcohol, some prescription drugs may make your throat muscles relax. These can ironically include sleeping tablets – talk to your doctor about the right medications for you.

polyps & swellings

Narrowing of the airways can be caused by nasal polyps or thyroid swellings. If you have inflamed tonsils or adenoids, this can also be a problem.


Snoring is often more common in pregnancy, and there’s not a lot you can do! If the problem persists after you have your baby, get in touch with your dentist.


Unfortunately, some people were simply born with smaller airways than normal or a larger tongue, which increases the likelihood and severity of snoring.

not treating sleep apnea

It sounds obvious, but if you have a condition known to make snoring worse, if you don’t treat it, the situation won’t improve.

it’s time to see a dentist

If it’s sleep apnea, or even just severe snoring, seeing smilogy will help.

We use 100% accurate scanners and SomnoMed science to create mouthguards that can restore normal breathing. They change the position of your jaw in order to open your airways up, making your life better – and healthier.

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Dr Luke Cronin

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