different types of teeth whitening: explained!

whats the best teeth whitening option for me?

Many of us want whiter, brighter smiles – but what’s the best way to achieve it? At smilogy, we believe it’s custom tray whitening, as this ensures that smiles are whitened safely, quickly and evenly.

Here’s an overview of all the different kinds of teeth whitening, and what to expect.

You can find teeth whitening strips in stores across Australia. They’re easy to apply – simply put the whitening strips across the top and bottom rows of teeth respectively.

This method is cheap and convenient, and you can see results in just three days. However, it’s only advised for moderate staining and since it’s a one-size-fits-all approach, you won’t get to choose your shade and results may not be even.

whitening toothpaste

Toothpastes with whitening agents in them work over time to make your smile shine brighter. You won’t see results straight away, but you might see a difference gradually.

This isn’t the best choice for “wow” results, but it can be great as a top-up or if you want something more subtle.

laser bleaching

Laser whitening is a relatively new development. The lasers help to activate the whitening agents, while your mouth is protected from them. You may see results right away after your treatment, and it’s generally super fast.

Not everyone is suitable for this kind of procedure as it’s not recommended for everyone.

in-chair led whitening

Some people go to their dentist for in-chair LED whitening. They add hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, and it’s then broken down by an LED heat lamp. Oxygen attacks your enamel and gets rid of any stains.

Some people experience sensitivity after this kind of whitening.

custom whitening with smilogy

At smilogy we scan, plan and whiten your smile! You meet us for a quick and easy 3D scan at one of our convenient locations across Australia.

Our Australian dentists are then able to create custom trays that ensure our safe and effective professional-grade Colgate Optic White Professional gel gets between every tooth. The gel breaks down any stains for long-lasting results. While this gel is much stronger than over-the-counter options, sensitivity is kept to a minimum!

You choose the level of whiteness you want from our smile shade menu, so you’re in full control.

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Dr Luke Cronin

Dr Luke Cronin

As a graduate of the University of Queensland (2000, 2013) and the University of Sydney (2006), Dr Cronin is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic dentists, specialising in creating stunning new smiles with cutting edge cosmetic dentistry techniques, including clear aligners, whitening and porcelain veneers.

Dr Cronin's work has been showcased in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle magazine and in 2019 he was awarded Australasian Dentist of the Year by My Face My Body in 2019.

Acknowledged an expert in his field for segments on the Today Show and House of Wellness, Dr Cronin now offers his first-class cosmetic treatments and customer care at smilogy.

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