Aged Care

The friendly and experienced team at smilogy aged care aim to make oral care easier for Aged Care staff and residents, 

offering a range of in-facility services for your convenience, including:

  • Oral assessment programs (for 10+ residents)
  • Provision of new dentures (or repairs to existing where appropriate)
  • Fast replacement denture service to minimise discomfort and distress from lost dentures
  • Cleaning of natural teeth by Oral Health Therapists for individuals by appointment
  • Minor restorative dentistry (fillings) by appointment
  • Assessments and care for individual residents by appointment
  • Staff training sessions on providing oral care assistance in Aged Care

Our Services

Our oral assessment services are provided across the entire facility (seeing all residents for whom signed consent has been received) or can be requested for individuals on an ‘as needed’ basis. We welcome families to be present during appointments so they can understand the needs of the patient and ask any questions they may have of the clinician.


Denture services, including repairs and relines or provision of new partial or full dentures, can be requested individually, or may be recommended in the written oral assessment report. Residents requiring dentures can benefit from our strong working relationship with Australia’s largest and longest operating dental laboratory, enabling the provision of quality dentures, faster and at competitive pricing.


A clean of natural teeth conducted by an Oral Health Therapist, can be requested for an individual at any time by a facility or can result from acceptance of an assessment recommendation. We also offer in-depth training programs to help facility staff with the challenges of providing oral care assistance to residents.


Our services are offered by experienced and dedicated Dental Prosthetists, Oral Health Therapists and Dental Technicians. While we cannot guarantee availability of mobile Dentists, we will endeavour to assist with these arrangements, when possible, through our strong network of partners and external practitioners.

Prices & Bookings


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