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making oral health more accessible to aging australians

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Dedicated to improving patient comfort and confidence, conveniently in their place of residence

smilogy aged care visits facilities to provide bulk oral assessments to residents, individual assessments as required and to provide denture services (including new, replacements and denture repairs), natural teeth cleaning and fillings and staff oral health care training to help support their efforts to assist residents in their care. Read more..

Our Advantages

We come to you

Our chairside or bedside assessments make oral care more accessible.

Flexible Booking Options

Individual or bulk assessment bookings to meet patient needs.

Qualified Team

We welcome family members to attend and ask questions.

Staff Support and Training

Guidance to help Aged Care staff assist residents.

Provision of quality dentures

In partnership with Australia’s largest and longest established dental laboratory.

Tailored Business Packages

Ask us how we can support your facility (or group) ongoing.

Our People


All of our dedicated Australian dentists, orthodontists, prosthetists and oral health therapists are fully accredited, qualified professionals using only Australian labs. We understand the importance of quality and the impact that oral health concerns, tooth pain or missing dentures can have not just on a patient’s confidence but their ability to eat and speak naturally, in comfort. We have an extended network of professionals allowing us to increase the reach and availability of our mobile teams.

Dr Anthony Race

Director, Prosthetist

Troy Scott


Gevork Safarian

Oral Health Therapist

Dr Luke Cronin

Clinical Advisor, Dentist


How can we help you?

Dental care is important for seniors because aging can lead to changes in oral health. Seniors may experience dry mouth, gum disease, and other dental issues that can lead to tooth loss, difficulty eating, and other health problems.

Seniors who are unable to brush or floss on their own may benefit from using oral hygiene aids such as electric toothbrushes, floss holders, and water flossers. They can also ask their caregiver or a family member to help them with oral hygiene.

Yes you can, and we also welcome walk-in patients. Nevertheless, depending on the need for emergency the appointment will he scheduled with patients.

Yes, we will call you and schedule an appointment as per your convenience. Our team will guide you through the process.

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